That moment…


You’ve expected so much, and you’re waiting and then…

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Pottermore HP actors sorting hat.


Evanna Lynch = Gryffindor
Phelps Twins = Hufflepuff
Tom Felton = Hufflepuff
Rupert Grint = Ravenclaw
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Harry Potter and the Chinese Bootleg Subtitles


hally porter

laughing through my tears.


I’ve got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spent it with you, if you want.

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I NEED to follow more people on tumblr so if you blog…


Doctor Who

Harry Potter

David Tennant


Noel Fielding

Then REBLOG! And I’ll most likely follow you…

Plus if you Reblog then i’ll give you….


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can't tame the sky: Pottermore RP?



I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any Pottermore RPs around, please? Or just groups who are in the beta who plan to stick together/chat/whatever? Not having much luck finding them on my own.


Make an account on twitter of your Pottermore…

Not a problem! I am LeviosaStorm25! Follow me and I’ll get you started1